Friday self portrait

These days I feel like I’m stuck in a Ground Hogs day situation, reliving every day endlessly, without any shape or form. This is the most silent and non aggressive cyclone to have hit us. We cant see it, we cant leave it but we know as soon as it stops we’ll be left collecting all the scattered pieces from the ground.

Our selves always provide rich available material. Self portraits have existed since the Middle Ages. It seems like the right time to be turning inwards creating tunnels of introspection, another route to light. For me self portraits are a means of learning. Finding my contours and tones and values will enable me to shape others. It’s also a means of trying to capture the ever elusive perception of self. Others often have a distinct perception of me but I dwell in an almost anonymous state for myself. Oh I know how I’m going to react to something or my opinions but to have a concrete graspable sense of who I am seems difficult.


2 thoughts on “Friday self portrait

  1. I am struck by the power of your lines and shapes, especially the way they show the planes of your face.

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    1. Thank u so much. I think having a darker background to start with helped to see and show the lines distinctly.

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