A page of pattern

To fend off the impending artistic lethargy after the half term break I’ve joined the #30daysketchbook2018. So here I am at Day 1…a page of pattern.


There is a lot more to pattern that meets the eye. They are ingrained in the fabric of the natural world and we imitate them in the man made one. The branches of a tree criss cross in merriment and symmetry creating negative and positive shapes. The leaves and foliage create more patterns with light shining through the gaps, defining highlighting them. So are these patterns real or is it just how our eye captures the world around us? It is a bit of both really. We see hills and mountains in patterns of slopes. Water ripples across the surface of a lake patterning its flow for our visual delight. We like to perceive things and document them in patterns around us and when there isn’t any there is just empty space.


1 thought on “A page of pattern

  1. This is absolutely beautiful 🙂


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