A study in still life

Still life with charcoal.
Still life with charcoal. Moving away from the edge of the page helped me lay this out a bit better. With a bit of space around the objects seemed better situated, our eye has a leisurely path to them

Some quick tonal studies. Again I found it much easier and quicker to paint than use charcoal. I didn’t even bother with graphite. I can also see why Cezanne and the Cubists started seeing other shapes other than the obvious ones whether looking at people or things. The pear, peach and the jug seems squarish at places which should have been round. Just drawing them round and curved made them appear flat and unreal. To give the full impression of them as three dimensional objects you almost have to show what’s being the facade.



2 thoughts on “A study in still life

  1. Wow. The first one actually looks like it stands on the book. Awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Just trying to build up my patience for still life.


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