How artists are documenting their way around the world

I was invited to a do a collaborative blog with many other artists about how different artists travel and document their experiences around the world. It was wonderful to hear how others shared my passion for travel and how they express themselves through their art work.

Travels with my Art

How do you document your travels?

People record their holidays and wanderlust experiences in many different ways; writing diaries, blogging, taking photographs, illustrating journals, compiling scrapbooks, making films for Youtube, adding to their Instagram feed or by updating their Facebook status.

Nowadays, with phones being so conveniently small and the cameras on them being of such a high quality, the majority of travellers opt for documenting their adventures in photographs taken on their mobiles.

For me, a huge part of my travel experience is in how I log my journeys and I do this in many different ways, by writing, sketching, painting, doodling, photographing, sewing and of course blogging.  In fact, I see the art of the travel journal or diary as an integral part of every adventure I have and in pretty much every country I have visited or lived in, I have kept a diary or sketchbook.

A selection of travel sketchbooks by Ali Dunnell of Travels with my Art A…

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